At the launch of Movie-Musicals.Com, it seems fitting (and amusing at the same time) to look back on the rich history of this website. All right, it’s not much.

But it’s always nice to give visitors a sense of time and place, to make you feel welcome and comfortable in a website that’s been around for some time, albeit in a different form, at a different URL…

It’s also nice to see that I’ve worked on this website for almost 2 years. It didn’t seem like such a long time at all. I’ve written tons of reviews, developed loads of HTML and scripts, and most importantly, met a lot of fellow enthusiasts. It seems all so worthwhile, even though I’ve managed to keep the website completely non-commercial. (At one stage, I included affliate links on my website, but I don’t expect I earned any money.) To date, I’ve not made any money, but what an experience. One worth sharing with you. Read on.

The Days of Musick
Teething stage as a toddler website.

Ambitious Reviews
I’m reviewing the situation…

Question Me an Answer
The history of interactive quizzes.

The Way You Look Tonight
Constant makeovers for this fickle site.

Give Me a Sign
Old logos that still look good.

The Next Wave
What will the future hold?